Safe Return to Port (SRtP), Ship Design, Risk Assessment and Alternative design, are the key points of the “Ship Design for Safety” skills.

These skills have been consolidated with vulnerability assessment for Navy Ships and since the early stage of SRtP rules definition, have been exploited to support shipbuilders in designing more than 25 SRtP ships, including 13 prototypes. In the last years, a massive campaign of training activities has been commissioned by shipbuilders, aimed to spread the SRtP know-how in the design offices, shipyards, suppliers and crews.

The International Maritime Safety Security Environment Academy, in cooperation with Cetena and Ente Radar addressed these needs with the present “Safe Return to Port Procedures” course.


Course features

The SRtP Course analyse the IMO SRtP and Ship’s Orderly Evacuation requirements demonstrating how these have deeply modified both ship design and operational life.

ATTENDEES: Managers, Hotel officer, Deck & engine officer, Safety officer


  • Understanding SRtP requirements and relevant ship design philosophy;
  • Understanding contents and how to use SRtP operational manuals.
  • Understanding all the aspects of the SRtP requirements and test the attendees gained skills on real SRtP recovery procedure.


  • Course participants will gain the comprehensive skills necessary to consciously undertake the activities affected by the SRtP requirements

Course structure (download the full programme here)


BASIC SRtP (Day 1)
MODULE Hours Addressed to Scope
1.   SRtP basic philosophy 8 h •Managers

•Hotel officer

•Deck & engine officer

•Safety officer

Understanding the SRtP requirements and overview of SRtP procedures


MODULE Hours Addressed to Scope
2.  Managing passengers 2 h •Hotel officer

•Deck & engine officer

•Safety officer

Understanding of ship SRtP capabilities and service to passengers management.
3.  Managing ship 3 h Understanding of ship SRtP capabilities and ship’s functionalities.
4.  Safety after damage 3 h Understanding of ship SRtP capabilities and safety systems.

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