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I.M.S.S.E.A. is an international maritime education and training center specialized in the training of senior specialist maritime personnel in various aspects of shipping and related fields.
Courses are designed to be responsive to the needs of public sector departments and ensure the effective exercise of flag, port and coastal state jurisdiction.

I.M.S.S.E.A. has been created in cooperation with IMO and is the result of the joined efforts by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Province of Genoa to reactivate in Italy a centre of excellence capable of providing advanced education, training and technical advice.
I.M.S.S.E.A. is specialized in short and medium courses on global shipping and this makes the Academy an institution that is the only one of its kind among the IMO training centres.

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Flag State Implementation

Information on the different obligations and duties of the flag State as required by the United Nations Convention.


Designed for maritime security, coastguard and law enforcement specialists.

Marine Accident Investigation Procedures

Aimed at assisting the national marine accident investigation authorities in ensuring uniformity and consistency.

Port State Control

Designed for government technical officials, particularly ship surveyors, masters, chief officers, chief and second engineers.