I.M.S.S.E.A. is an international maritime education and training center specialized in the training of senior specialist maritime personnel in various aspects of shipping and related fields.

Courses are designed to be responsive to the needs of public sector departments and ensure the effective exercise of flag, port and coastal state jurisdiction.

I.M.S.S.E.A. has been created in cooperation with IMO and is the result of the joined efforts by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Province of Genoa to reactivate in Italy a centre of excellence capable of providing advanced education, training and technical advice.

I.M.S.S.E.A. is specialized in short and medium courses on global shipping and this makes the Academy an institution providing services for IMO

What is IMSSEA

I.M.S.S.E.A. is a non profit organisation owned by public institutions (The Province of Genoa and the Liguria Region are the major shareholders), national associations (Ship Agents, Shipowners, Industry associations and Trade Unions) and includes in the Governing Board as ex officio members representatives of the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Education and the Italian Coast Guard.


On 10th March 1988 the Italian Government and the International Maritime Organisation (I.M.O.) signed a Bilateral Agreement for Cooperation in the professional training and education sector to deliver courses in appropriate maritime sectors in favour of citizens of developing States.

Under the agreement this activity was performed by the International Maritime Academy (I.M.A.) of Trieste. Although the above Bilateral Agreement is still in place the I.M.A. has ceased its activity since 2005.

The Italian Government has identified I.M.S.S.E.A. as the appropriate instrument to provide advanced education, training and technical advice in furtherance of the objectives and goals of the International Maritime Organization under the framework of the Bilateral Agreement.


The I.M.S.S.E.A. ambition is to provide the maritime community and in particular the developing countries with a centre for specialised training and an effective tool for the transfer of knowledge and expertise from the developed to the developing maritime nations with a view of promoting the achievements, globally, of the highest practicable standards in matters concerning maritime safety, efficiency of navigation and the prevention and control of marine pollution.

Why Genoa?

I.M.S.S.E.A. is established in Genoa which is the largest port in Italy and one of the most important in Europe. The harbour is annually visited by thousands of ships offering a wide range of vessel size and type for practical training purposes. This scenario provides a supportive learning environment that gives students the best possible chance to succeed.