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IMSSEA purpose is to work for a top-level education and training for personnel working worldwide in the maritime field, and to promote research and innovation in the educational field.

IMSSEA Policy for Quality, in line with the views expressed in the Mission, expresses the management’s will to achieve specific educational goals: higher education and training of personnel working in the maritime field, on board and ashore, updating and operating training at managerial and operational level. High level technical assistance to countries willing to be in full compliance with international rules, as released within the International Maritime Organization framework.

The will and the action of the Managment are realized in relation to:

  • Management commitment;
  • Satisfaction of the needs of the clients/user, through the timely delivery of quality services in compliance with the requested requirements;
  • IMSSEA commitment for quality, ensuring that all personnel understand clients/user needs and participate to the maintenance and improvement of the Management System for Quality;
  • IMSSEA commitment to the prevention of administrative crimes by its employees, through the implementation of an adequate organizational model, making the staff aware of the internal Ethics Code, and through the supervision of an independent advising and controlling authority, independent, honorable and professional;
  • Satisfaction of its staff members, through continuous improvement of specific knowledge and the way they operate, with the necessary training to carry out their tasks and the implementation of the quality program;
  • Care for clients/users, with a responsible and careful attention on safety, hygiene and environment.

IMSSEA is committed to achieve real improvements in quality:

  • Reducing both the number of annual complaints from clients/users, the number of noncompliances, through the application of appropriate corrective and preventive actions;
  • Always checking clients/users satisfaction.

To this goal, IMSSEA Management is committed to ensure that this policy is understood, implemented and supported by all staff at all levels. The management will annually review the Quality Policy to confirm it or update it as needed.